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Never regret capturing precious moments. Senior year isn't just special; it's monumental and fleeting. From football games to late nights with friends, it'll be over in a blink. How do you want to remember this time? As a high school senior photographer, I aim to craft a meaningful, enjoyable, and memorable experiences for your senior. Together, let's create something as unique as you are.

"Very professional. Sarah made me cry tears of JOY when my granddaughter & I viewed the video. So many great photos to pick from I didn’t want to leave any behind."

-Sheila Gladitsch

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Working with me is easy, follow these steps below:

Step 1

Click on the button to fill out my contact form. After that, you will receive all the information you need including investment.
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Step 2

We will collaborate to help you prepare for your senior photo session, find the best location, and get you ready for the best time of your life.

Step 3

The day has come!! It is time to be you and let your light shine. After our amazing senior portrait session together you will have the chance to review your photos and choose the ones you love the most.
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It's difficult to find a Good Photographer, but even more difficult to find one that can capture your Teenagers Actual Smile! Starting from a questionnaire, helping pick out the perfect spot, making sure they have a great outfit, hair and makeup to even having snacks and water if needed. Thank you, Sarah, for bringing my sons true smile out and making this the best experience ever imagined!

I'd love to work with you!

Let's design your one-of-a-kind photoshoot. Your entire experience is tailored to your preferences. Once you're booked, we'll work together to choose the perfect location and vibe for your session. Even if you're new to professional photography, I guarantee it'll be a FUN experience!