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WWW: Working with Women

Apr 23, 2021


“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” 

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

About Sarah2


Sarah F., you know me, I’m your enthusiastic memory maker. Love clocks, clean lines and big heat. 

A former legal girl following my creative journey. Love meeting new peeps, exploring subjects I don’t know about, and making people smile, with their whole body. 

Sarah H., well, she’s got a great stinkin’ name to begin with, but she’s also a radiating light. She brings a comfort and joy that not everyone can offer. 

She was trained in London (love this), and has experience working with high fashion models, on TV & film sets, and on the runway. 

How lucky am I to get this wonderful lady to collaborate with me and she is right here in my own backyard, Blaine, Minnesota of all places. 



I first met Sarah H. well, via email. 

This was one of those moments when we were both gaining more momentum in our careers. She had reached out and introduced herself to me via email and explained a little about what she did. 

While I wasn’t in need of a hair and make-up artist at the time, I knew there would come a point when I would be and so, I kept that email.

I kept it for at least two years. Then, I changed a few things up in my business and began incorporating HMU sessions with my portrait sittings. 

Wow, what a great idea, so many have had before me. I’m not the first to do this and am sure I won’t be the last, but man, what wonderful things happened. 

My clients began to feel like their portrait sessions were even more valuable, they felt more beautiful, and it is an amazing experience – for all of us!

What you Get

Each client gets the full service treatment from Sarah Squared. 

We start with a fresh face when you arrive, Sarah H. will ask you some questions about your preferences, style, and look. 

Then, she works her magic for between 30-40 minutes with your make-up and hair styling or touch-ups and then you are all mine!

Once we start your portrait session, you are already calm & relaxed from being pampered and you are ready to have some fun.

The final Product!

I’ll work with you to convey the mood, message, and feeling you want to portray with your final product. 

We will laugh, I guarantee it. We may even shed a tear together, it’s been known to happen. 

I tend to get excited about what what excites you. Being extremely receptive to energy is a powerful attribute. 

Overall, what I most enjoy about our time together, is that I get to know you, as an individual.

We share openly and freely and the exchange is always authentic which is why I often times run over my allotted time, because we get so deep into our conversations. It’s a good thing my boss doesn’t mind. 😉 

sO, Are you ready to book?

Our in-studio portrait sessions typically run around two hours from start to finish.

What you get is top-notch service, quality products, and a 5-star experience that will leave you loving photo sessions.

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