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Top 3 Things Portrait Clients Worry about & How Sarah Grace photography Handles them

Mar 22, 2021

Excitement, excitement, excitement, then, anxiety, over-churning brain and stress.

You’ve been thinking about booking that portrait session for months, maybe even years, and you finally did it! Yes, time to put that baby on the to-done list.

You think, “Ok, now I can relax and let Sarah take care of me!” Yep, you are exactly right, you hired a professional, and that is exactly what you get. You put the burden on me to make magic happen. But then, as the session approaches, you find yourself panicking, “What about my hair, and what am I going to do with my face? Oh ya, Sarah said she has a hair and make-up person to help with that, phew! Dodged that bullet.”

Another few days go by, you begin to think about your wardrobe. “Oh baby Jesus, what am I possibly going to wear? Oh ya, Sarah sent me that video on what to wear, I’ll go watch that again.” Then you go look in your closet and the calm demeanor goes back out the window.

Hair, make-up, and wardrobe: These are the top three concerns for many of my portrait clients, from professional head shots, to modeling/acting portfolios to family portraits.

After talking with my clients, I realized this is an area where I’d like to offer you a more personalized approach. I will hold your hand (figuratively and literally, if necessary) to guide you through each stage of the process. We will work together so that when the day comes for your session you are going to feel confident, clam, and open to having a great time!

Not only will I come to your home and help you pick out three outfits, but I am also going to provide guidance on accessorizing and coordinating outfits with other family members. I understand that this can sometimes trigger the start of the worrying and if this is one less thing I can take off your “I’m in charge of everything” plate, then I’m going to do it.

I will coach you on colors, coordination, and styling so that all that is left to do is put the clothes on and then do as I say. (Can you tell I like to be in charge? Overall, this makes your job a cake walk!)

When you arrive, my trusted hair and make-up partner will give you the exact look you want to achieve, she will highlight your beauty and make you (and your partners in crime) look your loveliest. She is professional, cheery, and easy to talk to, just like an old friend. By the time she’s done with you, you will have forgotten you ever even gave a thought to worry about the process. We’ve got you.

Booking a boutique portrait session with me, ensures that you are going to not only look, but feel your best, going into the session, during the session and after the experience. You’ll realize that all those 5 star Google reviews are no joke. I take care of my clients, I enjoy seeing you shine, and it fills me with joy to see you having a fantastic experience that you love to rave about.

Below, is a previous client who came in as an Actor who hadn’t had her portfolio updated in over a decade. I met her during a large corporate head shot photo shoot and we loved each others energies so much, we decided to work together again.

In her own words, “I hadn’t even seen the pictures yet and I felt a sense of confidence just driving home because she made me feel so beautiful!”

Thank you, Lisa, for being such an amazing client, I can’t wait until we can work together again!