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Feb 17, 2021

: the action of rejuvenating or the state of being rejuvenated : restoration of youthful vigor. As defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary.

This is the word that came to me during this years annual planning. 2021 is going to look a whole lot different than years of business’ past. I have a renewed focus and energy around my life’s path, my focus, and perspective for my life’s work. Rejuvenation.

Each year, I invest in myself with a personal retreat which typically involves a cross-country or cross-continent trip. During these trips, I auto-awareness. I listen to my stream of consciousness and try to understand how that is serving me. I make plans and bring attention to that which screams for attention. Rejuvenation.

Many times, my trips mean leaving Minnesota in the darkest depths of winter, pulling off on self-selected detours because of certain individual pulls. I begin with a rough outline of what where I want to go, but allow my natural tendencies to take the drivers seat. My experiences consist of wild sights, meeting interesting people, and consuming delightful meals along the way. It’s very important to me to track my experiences so I may come back to them when I need a moment’s reminder. Rejuvenation.

This years intuition lead me to Zion National Park and hiking Angel’s Landing, among several other trails in Arizona. This particular 5 mile ascent of over 1,480 feet, left me literally and emotionally breathless.‘s website defines the experience for me, “There’s no view more dramatic than what you see hanging onto a chain bolted into a cliff.” Rejuvenation.

A resting spot on the edge. Another 20 minutes to the top of Angel’s Landing.

While I hiked solo in the sense that I was with no person I knew, I was surrounded by so many others feeling the same pull. I spoke with a man from California, two women from Minnesota, and a couple from Colorado who were all making the pilgrimage with me. Rejuvenation.

Reaching the summit, I stopped for water, protein, and a quite contemplation of all the clothing I had shed!

My journey was a little strange this year, as there wasn’t a cross country drive as flights are now less than a single tank of gas. What was consistent is that I met, hiked, and kayaked with new friends, saw unique areas, beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The uniqueness is my personal unfolding of a wildly unique mental rejuvenation.

My new Portuguese Water Hound hiking pup buddy, Portia, making sure that my dawdling arse wasn’t left behind.

Some grueling hiking hours in Zion have made me realize that a single trip is simply not be enough and that I would definitely need to return. That, and my experience with Bryce Canyon need to be slotted for the future.

Finally at the peak, I looked down, and realized this was one of the most grueling & but visually satisfying hikes of entire my life.

Southern Utah has so many beautiful zones to explore, and I am finding myself drawn to the Beehive State and all it has to offer naturally, economically and weather wise. (Anyone from, or visiting, Utah who finds themselves in need of a memoir of this magical location … 747.900.1497, ring me.)

While on this journey of auto-care and development, I’ve been tuning into a new energies. These new energies have proven to be valuable experiences I have never before imagined. Remind me to tell you about these over our next coffee or craft beer chat! 😉 Ho-ly smokes.

Remote workstation in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

This last year has taught us, by sheer force, our ability to work wherever, no matter what ever we are doing.

The more I embrace this, the more opportunities await me! Therefore, I will be starting another Business Boot Camp 101 Series this Spring. So, when you find yourself finally ready to make the skip (who doesn’t like skipping?) forward with your business idea, signing up for this new 4-week Boot Camp style class is a smart investment in yourself.

Spots will be limited, so if you want to see if you are qualified for the waiting list, please send me a private message and we will begin the review process. (

Working poolside in February – my new norm.

Until I “see” you again, in person –

Hugs & positive aura,

Sarah Grace

(if this is too hippie for you, love you anyway ;))