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Most dynamic graduation photographer in Blaine, MN

Jun 13, 2020

Having a High School Senior in the house is such an exciting experience!

The entire family gets to live through all of the steps involved during that Senior year of High School. From visiting and registering for college, declaring a Major, participating in unwritten senior year traditions, to receiving that cap and gown and walking across that stage, or driving, as this year has progressed.

As a Twin Cities photographer who specializes in Senior Graduation photos, I have to say that I truly didn’t realize how much fun a senior session could be until I was asked to photograph my own cousin many years ago. (Thank you, Bonica!)

Starting out as a nature and architectural photographer, I was actually intimidated by the thought of photographing people. They scared me, everyone wanted something different, lighting situations were unpredictable, excuse, excuse, excuse.

The overarching issue was that I didn’t really understand how to make people look good on the other side of the camera. Not that my subjects were not visually appealing, but that I hadn’t studied posing, communication or rapport building, more excuses, excuses, excuses.

During my first high school graduation photo shoot with my cousin, I quickly realized that I was able to combine my love of landscape and architecture with humans and make an amazing shot including both subjects. Waaaah? Revelation. I was hooked. I very quickly feel into a deep fixation with portraiture.

HSS’s are among a group of emerging adults that I love to chat with. They are brimming with fresh ideas, unique perspectives and a whirlpool of emotions. It’s no wonder I develop such a bond with these seniors and their families. Throughout the entire photography process, we get to know one another in a much more personal manner. We talk about joys and nerves, passions and fears and laugh (and sometimes cry) together along the way.

If you and your senior are looking for an unforgettable experience of memories, a personalized photo shoot filled with giggles and astonishing images, we need to connect.

This summer, I’m running a special that includes a pampered hair & make-up session (guys & ladies), personalized location selections based on your senior, three wardrobe changes, and a gift silk print of your choice from our session.

If your ready to memorialize your seniors smiles, joys and excitement, sign up here to book your session.

I look forward to meeting you, your senior and their personal aspirations.

Until we chat – Sarah Grace