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A Holiday to Remember

Dec 14, 2018

Custom eco-friendly album

Whether you are a family, a couple about to be a family, or surrounded by those you consider family, how will you remember this time, 2018, this entire year?

Many times, throughout the year, we snap a few selfies of ourselves in cool locations, photograph our picture worthy food, capture our beloveds or postcard worthy sights.

What happens after we share those images online is a tragedy. Those memories live on our devices. First our phones, then, maybe our computer and may eventually be deleted because, quite honestly, we need that precious storage space. Worse yet, we get new equipment and those memories are lost in the shuffle or unreadable by new operating systems. 

What if you not only documented, but also started printing those memories. What would happen to your walls, your coffee tables, your happiness? They would skyrocket in value.

Your walls would hold smiles, laughter and contentment for you without even doing anything but walking by them, every day.

Your coffee table albums would become conversation pieces and heirlooms passed down from one generation to the next.

Your happiness would exponentially increase because you are able to see, touch and relive all the emotions you had on that one day, at that one time, in that very special place with those people closest to you.

Heirloom family album

Its been fulfilling, on so many levels, to help my clients print their memories so they can experience the love that was captured each time they see their portraits. It’s like a forever gift, always replenishing our happiness tank.

Portrait on bamboo paper

What more can you feel good about when printing your memories? I use sustainable bamboo paper. Also, I support other organizations that align with my vision of environmental consciousness. Rest assured, you will not only be gaining forever memories, but also being kind to the earth with Sarah Grace Photography. 

One last fun reason to start printing your lifetime: beautiful, natural wood frames. Just this season, I began framing our metal collections and have been nothing but loving the results! 

Natural wood floating frames

2018 isn’t over yet! We can still make beautiful memories and fill your walls and coffee tables and hearts with joy.

Let’s make something beautiful and memorable together ~

Sarah Grace

Quality, handcrafted, water resistant albums
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