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Top Three Travel Tips from a Wandering Photographer!

Feb 20, 2018

You’ve planned for months, packed for weeks & bought enough snacks to get you through a mini-zombie apoloclypse (or, if your like me, those snacks got you through one airport).

You’ve finally arrived at your destination…phew. Now what? Some of us may have already spreadsheeted the hell out of the trip, printed daily itineraries with specific outfits at-the-ready, including your complete breakfast, lunch & dinner orders at each restaurant you picked out, after reviewing their on-line menus.

Then, there are some of us (yours truly), who arrive with an, “I’ve Google it” idea of the geographical location we will be occupying, with a few tips from Trip Advisor’s Top 10 things to do in the area. We’ve also probably received a heads up about a must-try restaurant from the Lyft driver (or Lyft-mates) on the way from the airport.

{Lake Havasu Sunset}

Either way you move about the globe, below are a few tips I’ve picked up from San Fran to Slovenia – from identifying safe people to hike with, to touring a local recycling facility half-way across the world.

Yes, there are crap tons of travel reviews, websites & apps to provide you with great information and ideas on where to go, but what about the “experience” of getting there and doing those things?

As a photographer, I find that there are many times I simply need to put down whatever photo/video recording device that’s glued to my hands & experience an event with my own two eyeballs! (P.S. It’s also a tad bit safer this way – esp. helps with avoiding stepping into potholes & creating gaping tears in your only jeans. Clearly not speaking from personal experience.)

{LHC Fisher}

As a traveler, it’s important to pay attention to the cues your intuition is texting you. From watching how someone carries themselves, to the words they chose to speak, to observing their eyes, our subconscious is often very good at reading character – kind of like charades, but with life skilz.

I do believe it’s important to talk to strangers, as an adult, because we can learn so much & possibly develop life-long friendships. “Strangers” may be locals, foodies, news reporters, famous photographers (;), or tour guides who can offer you unlimited suggestions for your next adventure! Be open to their knowledge & what they have to teach you.

Lastly, I believe it’s important, as corny & contrived as it may seem, to set an intention for your trip. Whether you are on a short trip with micro-seconds to see & do everything you want, or, you are on a month long hiatus from a “winter wonderland” (sparing you my vulgar definition of Minnesota winters, with air quotes), we can get anxious or upset if we feel unsuccessful about our vacation goals.

This is where an intention or two comes in handy. Was your trip really to see every commercialized landmark, eat at each 5 star Yelp restaurant in the area, or visit the 279 museums in Paris? Or was your goal to simply have a relaxing & enjoyable time with your spouse/S.O./family, hike mountains or catch up on those 19 monthly magazine subscriptions you brought with that cost you an extra $50 in baggage at the ticket counter… um, never happened to me.

Overall, it’s so important to remain flexible & safe when traveling. Understanding that travel is fluid & spontaneous will help you prepare for spending a day without your luggage or a lost reservation.

Also, carrying whatever device helps you feel secure when traveling, whether a handheld self-defense device or your confidence alone, it’s uber important to remain aware of the streets, rooms, hallways and parking lots near you & heed the energy you feel. All coming back to that sweet extra sense called intuition. Dance with it, hold its hand & listen to its secrets.

Be Safe. Travel Well. Love It.

Peace ~ Grace